Tim Deaker

 Viticulturist/ Operations Manager

Timbo Deaker has been involved in the Central Otago wine industry since 1992. His first foray was with Alan Brady at Gibbston Valley Wines. He then moved to Blenheim to study Viticulture in 1993. Completing his undergrad in Viticulture.

Returning to work at Chard Farm, in Central Otago for 2 years, before participated in a winery exchange program into California in 1995. Working vintage for Simi winery in Healdsburg. Followed this vintage he moved to East Sussex, UK and worked one year (1996) as assistant winemaker for Barkham Manor winery. He spent one month of this year investigating Sherry production in the south of Spain before heading on to the Barossa valley in Australia. During this time he worked vintage for Yalumba winery.

He then returned to Central Otago to co-managing several vineyards and at that time, established a vine nursery operation. In 1999 he returned to completing his studies at Lincoln Universities Post Graduate Diploma in Viticulture and Oenology.

He then established his own Central Otago based viticultural consultancy company. In 2004, he established a viticulture machine contracting business (called Viticultura Central Otago Contracting) with Jason Thompson

In 2010, Jason and Timbo focused further on building services for all aspects of the viticultural industry. In 2010 providing the service of brokering fruit from Central Otago to other wineries around the country (called Viticultura Central Otago Brokerage), then labour supply specifically for viticulture in 2011 (Viticultura Central Otago Labour Supply).

He has volunteered for:

• Central Otago Wine Growers Association executive for 3 years,

• Phylloxera protocol manager for the regional wine industry,

• Director of irrigation companies and clients wine businesses,

• Gibbston Harvest Festival organisation committee.

• Organiser of the Central Otago Winegrowers Association – Vineyard Seminars, for increasing the education of all our regions Viticulturists.

Jason Thomson

Viticulturist/ Operations Manager

Jason has been involved in the horticulture/viticulture industry since 1995. In his time he has owned a succesful landscaping company in London employing mulitple staff and working on some very high profile jobs during his time in the UK. Whislt in Australia he completed a floriculture and horticulture diploma. After spending time in the Margaret River he decided to return to New Zealand and conentrate on viticulture. This started with a Horticulture Science degree at Lincoln University.

Since arriving in Central Otago in 2001 he has run a succesful management company managing the interests in multiple vineyards for mainly absentee owners . He also has been invovled in the design and setting up of large bendigo vineyards which he still manages today.

Since 2004 he has been working with Timbo on there machine contracting, brokerage and there own wine label. They continue to work more closely every year and since 2010 have joined forces to manage vineyards.

Jason is currently a director on three different irrigation companies and has a very positive attitude and view to the Central Otago Wine industry.

Both Jason and Timbo have young familes and are very proud to call Central Otago home.