Want to Work For Us?

We are a reputable agent, we adhere to all employment regulations and guarantee to only offer our workers positions in safe environments under the best working conditions.

We are always looking to employ people with a range of skills, from those with a vineyard background and experience through to people who have never worked in a vineyard before but are willing to learn.

 We have work available in a number of different areas including:

 • Vineyard Managers

• Team leaders

• Vineyard Labourer

• Tractor Operators

• Irrigation/fertigation specialist

• Trellis Specialist

• Technical Officer

• Quality Assurance Officer

• Repairs and Maintenance

Please contact us for more information on the roles we currently have available.

We can offer both casual and permanent work. Our peak periods –are typically from November to April.

We will provide full training with a fair rate of pay. You need to have the right to work in New Zealand . It is possible to get a work visa or variation on your current visa to work in the vineyard industry in Central Otago.

The process to obtain a visa in Central Otago is relatively quick, easy and pain free. Please visit the following website for more information.




enquire about our Employment services

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