Labour Supply

Labour Supply

Our commitment to industry standards and viticultural principles takes the risk out of your vineyard labour supply.

Viticultura has been providing labour to the central Otago wine industry for over 10 years. Our staff are always well trained and hold all current industry required certification. We have had great success with the Vanuatu workers and some of our key workers are back for the 6th Season with us.

Viticultura provides many different labour services to clients; we have a number of highly trained staff in the middle management, each fully qualified in their specific profession.

Please find below many of the services we offer:

• Pruning

• General maintenance

• Bud rubbing

• Shoot thinning

• Wire lifting and tucking

• Leaf plucking

• Fruit thinning

• Harvest

Viticultura has spent a lot of time in recent years running trials based around piece rate work and we can now offer piece rate work on all the above services. We find piece rate does offer a tool to work within tight budgets.


Labour Supply

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